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News - Updated 20/12/2005

Inspired by a very special little girl called Hayley Okines, Jane and producer Mark Cunningham are collaborating to write a song which will be sung by Kids Choir 2000 and released as a single to help raise money into the medical research of a very rare condition called Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome or Progeria.
At present there are about 40 known cases of Progeria around the world and only 4 in the UK. Progeria is a progressive terminal condition which mimics many of the characteristics of the normal ageing process, but faster...a lot faster...about 8 times faster in fact! A 10 year old progeria child will have the appearance of an octogenarian with symptoms including baldness, arthritis and heart problems...but with the mind of a 10 year old!
The average lifespan of children with Progeria is about 13 and at present there is no cure.
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