Listen to the best new indie-rock made in Brighton. They won't let you down as many others could do!!!

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Pablo- Vox, Guitars
Oskar- Bass
Jack- Guitars, vocals, synth
Pete- Drums

Decoder plays a sort of leftfield garagey type of catchy rock which has become well-known amongst Brighton indie/rock lovers. Some of their influences include Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Fugazi, The Undertones, The Pixies, Soundgarden, The Who, The Beatles and many more who made them realise that music is their passion and they want it to be their lifestyle.

Decoder began with Pablo, Oscar and Serge in the summer of 2003. At this point they had a not-up-to-scratch Russian drummer, but soon they were lucky enough to find the perfect one: Pete. Shortly after forming, Decoder wasted no time in making their mark on the local Rock scene. Tracks from their ‘Fake Empty Tearoom’ demo have been stunning audiences in some of the most popular music venues in town. Decoder’s original sound and strong melodies have received much praise. After watching them play, their memorable songs will stay in your head for