Japanese producer, Keita, has years of experience DJing in the major clubs in Japan. Now putting this experience to good use in the studio, he's creating some slammin' Techno music with a unique edge.

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Keita was born in Japan. He has been DJ’ing and making music for 10 years. Keita came to London in 1997 and since that time has DJ’ed every weekend at the club night UNDERGROUND TECHNO MUSIC with the French Sound System.

After that, he played at THE DROME, Electroworks (a charity event for GAY'S HOSPITAL) and helped to raise more than 3,000pound.

In Kent, there was a 4 day Rave party in a Forest @ MASS (Keita organized the party and played LIVE with CHRISTIAN VARELA from Spain). In TOKYO, he has played at MODULE, PINC NOISE, AIR. etc. Keita performed live at the POOL BAR in Old Street on 30th Nov 2004. Keita’s DJ style is Hard Techno, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, N.Y.Tribal House, etc and he uses 3 DECKS and a lap top when performing live..

Some of the software used by Keita includes: Ableton LIVE 4.0.4. , REASON 2.5, VST Plug-in Waves Diamond, Linplug, CS-80V, Mode, etc.