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Hi everyone, I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you for being such loyal fans over the years. It’s been a tough road for me since 1996. The worst part was due to contractual problems, I was not able to release any more material and get it out to my fans, who were confused and wondering what happened to the second album. So now I have put together a list of tracks to preview and download. Although I am only really known for the Euro/pop dance style of “Ooh Aah, Just a Little Bit” (excluding of course the people that bought my album “Fresh”) they would have heard the diversity with tracks like “Tiamo”, “Fresh” and “Every Time I Fall”. But this time I wanted to diverse even further with songs like “Where Would You Be Now” , “Little Black Book” and “Tease”

This is just the beginning for me in a new venture of music. I am determined to keep creating and giving to my fans what they want. So "Get Up & Dance".