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D Prophit is not only one of the hottest new Hip Hop personalities with worldwide appeal but one with a handful of classics known all over the map. An artist with an extensive library of Hip Hop songs dating back to 1987 transcends time in the most respectable fashion. D Prophit writes R&B songs for male and female artists as well.

With a euphoric stage presence, excellent microphone control, and positive powerful lyrics delivered with radiance, D Prophit holds the essential talent that many rappers lack in this age of Hip Hop. Brooklyn native, D Prophit has seen opponents on both coasts leave the stage unable to compete with his lyrics. Equipped with an abundance of studio time, the studio is D Prophit’s home away from the stage.

This multi-talented producer of music and creator of universal lyrics, also has a marketable image. D Prophit has done modeling work in Japan, Indonesia, Chicago, and New York...