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"... achingly beautiful ... she is a wonderfully charismatic singer. " Total Production Magazine.

"We discovered this album and Sunday morning chillin' hasn't been the same since. " Out In London.

"Quite simply - it's gorgeous" Female Songwriter.

"hook-laden funky pop" This is Essex.

Up until 2002, Jane was a very 'ordinary housewife and mother of three' who just happened to write great songs. She'd given up on any musical dreams for over a decade whilst she raised a family. But in 2002, Jane discovered she had a fan base on the internet - so she took out a bank loan to pay for some studio time, dusted down her guitar and recorded an album of songs she'd written over the last ten years.

This album was CLOSE UP AND REAL which has now received staggeringly good reviews and sold over 2000 copies.

her second album SEEDLING is also selling thousands and her music has been used in film and TV.

This astonishing response to Jane's music is totally genuine and has been