NME - “...like Royal Trux having a knife fight with the pixies...If the first album delivers on their early promise, we’re in for a special treat indeed."

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Rather than New York, they’re actually from Southampton. The name was actually picked from Hunter S Thompson’s “Songs of the Doomed”. Clever, eh?

Russell Marsden (Vocals and Guitar) and Matt Hayward (Drums) had been playing together since childhood. They met Emma Richardson (Vocals and Bass) at 6th Form college.
A serious outfit, they’ve amassed a huge and faithful following. With their blinding rock, tight performances and polished song-writing ability, they’ve earned extensive airplay on Radio 1, 6Music, XFM and many others.

This summer has seen the band step up a gear with a live performance on C4’s 4 music, and a Tiscali Webcast leading to a set in the VIP enclosure at this years Carling Reading Festival.

With a single out on October 24th and back in the studio making a new album with Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, expect to hear a lot more from FLEEINGNEWYORK