FRAME13 are Mo and Dave, founder members of Glass. The sound is an eclectic blend of dark pop, country, electronica and cult film inspired retro.

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News - Updated 26/1/2007

Frame13. Hi, we are an acoustic/electric duo playing live and you can hear our acoustic sound on
Here on arkade you can hear the full sound we create between us with drums, keys + not to forget the bass. I (Mo) spent years playing in bands as a bass player but was always a songwriter but didn't want to be the singer (sound familiar!) I met Dave while playing bass in a band called Moondew after trying many guitarists we felt he was the man. Dave's band N.E.T had split up so our paths crossed. The bassist (Barry) from N.E.T now plays with the Frutellis. Tired and impatient of getting nowhere the band dissolved and the journey of Glass began. I decided to play electric guitar and sing. We picked up a few friends as bassist and drummer. We toured about Scotand and England and after the 1st year had some record company interest from Creation, Emi and Mushroom. Paul Gallagher (Oasis brother) then creation records called us saying he liked our demo. He set up a gig in London which he never appeared at sending some canadian guy that looked like a tramp making the conclusion he " didn't get us". No one from the other company's came either. To say the least we where dissappointed. Moving on to another bassist and drummer our next highlight was doing some gigs in Denmark. Moving on again to yet another bassist and getting back our first drummer our next highlights where playing support tour dates with All about Eve and also American band the Last Dance. The final Glass gig was the biggest the Whitby Goth Festival after that we though it was as far as the band was going and we didn't want to be tied to the goth thing having so many musical taste. So, here we begin again on another musical journey. Look out for us.