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News - Updated 23/2/2005


Single Release: July 11th 2005


Demeter are the bastard offspring of Seattle-born singer Anna Mercedes’ rock insanity and London bred electro innovator Andy Chatterley’s creative frustrations. They are the candy
darlings of London’s underground scene and ‘Pleasure Island’ is their statement of intent.

The band’s dirty and seductive single, ‘Pleasure Island’ is a strike against a culture of what Andy calls “audio force feeding”, and is an indulgent journey through their own twisted take on pop. ‘Pleasure Island’ is a fork in the plug socket, complete with grinding guitar, dirty bass, relentless electronic phrases and provocative and unhinged vocals.

Described by Alternative London magazine as ‘genius art-nouveau rock’, Demeters sound is epic, compulsive and enigmatic. Drawing on imagery from Bosch to Warhol. Demeter are as strikingly visual as they are musically experimental, playing select shows at venues including the ICA and the Underworld.

Demeter were formed 12 months ago, and have recently completed their eponymous debut album that will be released in the Autumn. Finnish guitarist Tony Haimi, Spanish drummer Juan Toni and bassist Puter complete the Demeter line-up. Musically the band take their mainstream influences from culturally shape-shifting bands such as David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Cure, King Crimson, Depeche Mode, and Blondie.

Demeter’s single ‘Pleasure Island’ is released on 11th July as enhanced CD featuring the video and 7” vinyl featuring bonus tracks ‘Pull Me In’ and ‘London Skies’ through independent record label Ark Records. ‘Demeter’ - the eponymous album will be released in Autumn 2005.