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The Dials fuse country rock with psychedelia, folk and garage., email:

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Fearful Confluences
And Allegiances Wrought
.......Or How Our Heroes Made It Off The Island
" you play guitar"...."...yeah..." "...Oh yeah..." well maybe you should come up to my basement and we can figure out how this machine they did, just two at first, a guitar and a banjo, de-coding the Carter Family, Blind Willie Johnson and Clarence White, weeks turning into months.

Round kitchen tables they played their songs and a mighty fine dish it was, and the people grinned and said "more" so they thought, hey why not, the more the merrier, so they put the word out, NO OPPORTUNITY NECESSARY, NO EXPERIENCE VACANT! and then after a while they were three.

And then... new sounds.... pulling in everybody’s top ten, a big top full of music, country, folk, garage, bubblegum, bluegrass, fire breathers, horses, the fat lady.... so the next step was to evolve, and with another new friend, (who’d heard them play and knew when something needed a kick drum when he heard it).