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“Demeter lover of Zeus, mother of Persephone curses the world with winter whilst her daughter is held captive by Hades in the underworld each year”

Creating dark, dirty often psychedelic but always engaging musical soundscapes, Demeter are Anna Mercedes and Andy Chatterley. The two epitomise the saying that ‘opposites attract’. Anna grew up in Seattle, home of all-conquering grunge and moved to New York to indulge in the underground art and music scene, while Andy on the other hand and the other side of the ocean cut his teeth on London’s electronica scene. The two met in London and were attracted to each other by the very differences in their approaches to making music and their common need to create something they never heard before.
An experience as much as a band, Demeter, attempt to reinstate a sense of artistry, imagination and wonder into current music with their epic nouveau electronic art rock sound.