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Captain Dream and the Other Astronauts, Professor Beat, DJ Alessandro, Karmadope, Elena Fravolini, Alessandro Falasca, Nasty Beat Maker Adam Bomb and Special OPS, Allan Sadia, White Lion King,
John Eastwood, Jose’ Miguel A MANETTA and New Jerusalem Project, Antonia Moldovan from Ferida Elloumi, Monica Arach from Uganda, Amanda Forsythe, Tsega Wolday, Yael Taka, Matt Keller, Duane Catton, Grandpa ANT and
Finally the 22 international voices from World Food Programme, Rome for a total of 18 different languages in 1 song! “Who’s the Man”

CD ART: Luca D'Ortenzi, Dario Formica, Carlo D'Ortenzi, Natalia Trossero, Simone Onofri

Special thanks to: Monique R., Matthew Philips, Daniela & Giacomo Di Mase, Luca & Carlo D’Ortenzi, Simone Onofri, Giaggio, Mikafricano, Puspa, Andrew Oluoch, Eve & Sam, Trini Rico & Vrble KNT, Matteo Olivieri, Natalia, Alessio & Gianfry, Danilo, Jonny Vale, Sasha,WFP Rome, la cala chica bonita, amigos desde Espana y club level

Track Name: Culo Latino

Producer: Dario Formica
Musicians: Dario THE ANT: Vocals, Giutars, Drum Machine, Synth Stefano Trossero: Bass

Track Name: Whos the Man

Producer: Dario Formica
Musicians: Dario THE ANT: Guitars, Vocals, Drum Machine Stefano Trossero: Bass, Vocals Captain Dream & the Other Astronauts: Horns & Synth DJ Alessandro: DJ 22 Voices from WFP speaking in 18 different langu

Track Name: Africa Syniah

Composer: function x2ds
Musicians: the ant = dario formica - vocals, beats, guitars, synth 'N' - bass, synth MC Prankster - rap