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FUNCTION X2DS is Dario Formica "THE ANT" and Stefano Trossero. Special collaborator is "Captain Dream & the other Astronauts".

The album features international artists such as "White Lion King", "Adam Bomb", "Allan Sadia", "Karmadope", "Professor Beat", "Jose' Miguel A MANETTA & John Eastwood from NJP" and "DJ Alessandro".

New single "Africa Syniah" from upcoming FUNCTION X2DS album "The 8th day of the week" featuring 'N' and MC Prankster!

Hot tracks "Africa Syniah" from dub reggae to funk hip hop and pop, "Culo Latino" (Latin Bum) summer hit song in spanish and "Who's the Man" (22 people speaking in 18 different languages in 1 song!) must be heard!!!

The album "Move It" is a melting pot of music from funk to hip hop, house, ethnic, rock, and reggae style!