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IT News Online 2006-06-19, a music Web site for unsigned artists, has announced the registration of its 1,000th artist, with over 200 signing up in the last month. In less than a year, the Web site has managed to grow into a leading music site for independent and unsigned artists.

Launched in August 2005, the music site that allows unsigned and independent bands and musicians to upload their music and make it available to the public for preview and purchase.

Trial membership to is free; with artists deciding what price their music is sold. Terms are non-exclusive and do not require the assignation of any rights and artists determine the sales prices of their product.

Alex Fellowes, of Rebus, one of the first bands on, said, "With all the cack and made-up claims coming from the labels regarding their new-found string of online prodigies, we wanted to be in an environment that's for real. is on the level; artists and the public know exactly where they stand. We now happily recommend the Arkade to bands we meet at gigs."

Recent successes of bands/artists releasing tracks through include:

  • My Luminaries being signed onto the V2 record label
  • Rebus' track 'Work Song' being featured in the recent Vodafone 3g advertisement
  • Carla Vallet's song 'Streets of Tomorrow' being currently used as the theme for the Audi Q7 SUV in its advertising
  • In addition, Spizzenergi has just seen its World Cup track go to No.1 on Arkade's download chart.

Greg Walsh, Managing Director at, said, "To date most of the online success stories the public knows about have been engineered by major labels. But everyday we're getting a step closer to a real tipping point in the music industry where bands and music lovers will not have to go through the majors to enjoy their music of choice. sees itself as no more than a natural agent of change in this process."

Features and benefits for artists include:

  • Selling their music from their own download store, while keeping 100% of revenues.
  • Easy to use interface, enabling musicians to manage their content online while providing their fans with the ability to browse, preview and purchase music easily.
  • Every band has a gigs calendar, mailing list and forum to help bands build and maintain their fan-base.