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A Facebook Page does not replace a Website

Facebook is an essential tool for self-marketing; but should be used with a real, hosted website. Only a dedicated site can offer these essential advantages:

Control of your website look - You have no control over how Facebook looks and works and social networks can make wholesale changes to your page without your consent. On your own website, you can create and control a web presence that looks the way you want it to; and no one but you can change it!

Control your Fans Experience - What do you want your fans to see and do? Social networks give you a single page on a site full of buttons, links, ads and info that is irrelevant to you and your fans. Do you want users to click on ads for autos, tickets to other bands gigs, dating services & lotteries? On your own website, you are in control.

Control the Relationships with your Fans - MySpace, Facebook, Friends Reunited (remember them?); Social Network sites come and go but your own website is yours;
You own the relationship with your fans
You are in control of important fan information like email addresses and phone numbers when your fans join your mailing list, comment on your tracks or blog, and buy your music or merchandise. With your own site you can always keep in contact with your fans – even when they move on from Facebook to the next hip thing.

The recent changes at Facebook are a good reminder that people who build businesses on Facebook’s giant platform can’t ever breathe easy — what Facebook likes today might change tomorrow.

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Control your Content – post a new track, remove a track, change the mix, change the price, change the bio, post latest news, sell merchandise; you have immediate control at your fingertips (with full history log of changes). 

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