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by Rory Mhor Nicoll & Marco Palmer 
Published by Mainstream & Pose Publishing


Exclusive interviews with industry leaders and artists! Information you can't get online or anywhere else! Contacts that every musician should have! 

HIT CLICK is the must have book for anyone presently working in the Music Industry or attempting to enter the industry. 

HIT CLICK looks at the alchemy of a hit record, what you need to do to stand out in the crowd, digital distribution, online marketing, producing, publishing and the business side of music. Whether you want to sell ringtones or synchronized music in movies, TV and commercials, HIT CLICK is the essential book for those who not only want to survive but thrive inside the Music Industry. 

HIT CLICK will be available to purchase from Amazon and elsewhere in the paperback and Kindle format from June 22nd, 2012!

Despite the digital revolution and the massive changes in the Music Industry over the past decade, the idea of presenting the artist/band and their music to the world is still the basic premise of what needs to happen. 
HIT CLICK offers a helping hand in this process. When the labels were well fed and bloated with cash, artists were signed, coached, promoted, invested in and had the backing of a corporation to take them on to greater success.
Much of this is gone. It still exists, but it is usually a closed door to even the most deserving in the present climate. Much of an artist’s/band’s success will depend on talent, savvy and an eye for opportunities. 

HIT CLICK offers assistance in guiding the musician through the minefields on one hand and the great opportunities on the other.

HIT CLICK takes you into the mindset of a music producer and helps you plan your future album. What is a producer? What does he/she have to think about? What skills does a producer need? How does one become a producer? Perhaps you are not a producer but need to find one to work with on your music. What qualities would you look for in a producer?

HIT CLICK encourages the musician to create music with a commercial purpose. Mixing art with commerce and how to go about this is one of the many subjects addressed in the book.
One of those commercial ventures a musician might desire to enter into is synchronization. That is using their music in movies, TV shows, product advertising and almost any audio-visual pairing. HIT CLICK looks at synchronization and the related topics of film scoring, game scoring, filmic sound design and even sound effects.
Other examples of successful music partnerships with commercial activities are discussed. Hotels, restaurants, products, electronic devices, mobile phones and even events such as wedding and sporting activities all need music and HIT CLICK encourages the musician to seize these opportunities.

HIT CLICK examines the Hit record and those elusive elements that create the perfect storm for a hit record. In a chapter called The Alchemy Of A Hit Record, the science and the magic of a hit are talked about. The song idea, the emotional impact, the lyrics, the melody, hook, the musical gimmicks and much more are analyzed.

HIT CLICK asks how an artist or band can stand out in the crowd? The great challenge of any new and upcoming artist or band is being heard above everyone and everything else. On Myspace Music alone, there are 8 million artists/bands that will be vying for the love of the public. Therefore stage presentation, costume/clothing/hair, theatrical gimmicks, publicity stunts and the whole subject of publicity (which includes interviews with an American and British PR firm) is up for discussion.

Releasing an artist’s/band’s music online is yet another topic HIT CLICK addresses.
There are over 400 digital distribution/music aggregator companies and CD manufacturing sites worldwide that will take an artist’s songs, an album, the cover artwork - and distribute the music for the artist. CD Baby,, Broadjam, Emubands, Arkade, La Cupula House Of Music, Record Union, Indietorrent, Digidi and Routenote are interviewed in HIT CLICK and offer their collective wisdom on the subject of digital distribution. Features an exclusive interview with Arkade co-founder Stephen Miller 

HIT CLICK also looks at the business side of music. Business is anathema to most musicians. It is viewed as the antithesis of personal freedom and expression. It is part of the establishment that artists rail against. Numbers, laws, facts and figures, percentages, publishing royalties, copyright law and so forth are usually the last things a creative artist wants to think about. HIT CLICK de-mystifies and explains topics such as music publishing, licensing and the business of the performing rights organizations. Universal Music Publishing and Britain’s PRS/MCPS share insights that clear away some of the fog that many a musician finds around the business aspects of his/her art.

Lastly, HIT CLICK brings you websites, email addresses and phone numbers of helpful contacts every musician should have. There are even reviews of music programming products from Apple, Avid and NCH. 

It bears repeating: HIT CLICK is the must have handbook for musicians and everyone in the Music Industry and everyone knocking on the door wanting to be let in.
“Any book written by someone as authoritative as Rory Nicoll on the Music Industry is a must have book!” - Graham Gold - KISS FM

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