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Arkade announces major upgrade

Attention to detail counts more than ever in today’s online music sector.

The obsessive attention to detail at is now beginning to pay dividends and setting it apart from many of its competitors. Launched in February 2006, Arkade has been relaunched as an international platform.

Arkade co-founder Stephen Miller points out:

“If you want your site to work for you, then we’ve got to provide the necessary detail for it to do so.”

Arkade is a professional platform for Artists and Entertainers who are serious about their music and need to display their talent in a professional online environment, whilst retaining complete control.

Arkade co-founder Greg Walsh adds:

“We’ve concentrated on providing excellence in our core functions. We’re doing the hard things well and now we’re working on new ways to improve the service.”

The recently deployed V2.0 upgrade has done just this and added many new features.

The online distribution of music has always been a global proposition and the integration of a bespoke multi-currency solution to Arkade is a long overdue and valuable addition to the site. Arkade now offers artists a trading gateway to the UK, Europe, American and Asian markets.

Other new features include an automated Mechanical Royalty Payment Solution which gives those artists who do not write their own material a legal and viable way of legally posting ‘Cover Versions’ of other writers’ songs and ensuring the original writer of the work is rewarded.

Arkade is authorised by the IFPI to issue ISRC numbers and the integration of an automated ISRC solution on Arkade means that artists posting their tracks on their Arkade site can now simply obtain a unique ISRC number to be associated with each track wherever the track appears.

A broad range of other improvements have been made, most obviously in the fans’ experience, which has undergone a comprehensive re-design. New music discovery tools, simplified interfaces, improved commenting, rating and tagging tools, and enhanced artist profile and branding all ensure Arkade’s reputation as the hub for the professional independent Artist.