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Physical Product still has a role to play in the digital age.

Although music consumption has changed dramatically in the last three years, physical product still plays an important part in any bands marketing mix.

Take Freddie Meyer for example and his red hot heart shaped CD released just in time for Valentines Day, a little bit of effort goes a long way when you’re competing in such a competitive market and we think he deserves a mention for creating this fabulous limited edition. If you’re stuck for that Valentines Day Special Gift for your loved one this ticks all the boxes and it’s a great track too. Order Now so as not to be disappointed.

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But physical product today is not just about making music available in physical formats. Bands no longer have to go to the expense of making cd’s and vinyl to distribute their music. Instead they’re turning to artist friendly sites such as and downloading their music direct to fans. Money they once spent manufacturing vinyl and cd’s is now being spent on some fabulous limited edition products like Freddies CD or other merchandising items, T-shirts, caps, bags and mugs, all of which can be cheaply manufactured using online services such as

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