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Getting your band on film… by Silvertip Films

Having a music video is increasingly important for an unsigned band – but you might ask why?

It shows you are serious and committed to yourselves and your music and to making it in the business. Put it this way – if you aren’t prepared to invest money into yourself, why would any record label?

Your fanbase, which is likely growing all the time if you are gigging a lot, will want to see you in action outside of a live show and also, importantly, a music video can show potential fans as well as the executives at the record label , who you are and what you sound like in 4 minutes or under.  That’s vital information to get across to people and convince them you are worth investigating further.

Silvertip Films are on the same level as you – serious, passionate, committed and driven, to both filmmaking and music.

We have shot numerous music videos for bands and singers – both independent and signed to a label. These videos have achieved broadcast both in the UK (Channels like NME TV, Tuune, The Box, Fizz and more) and around the world and they have amassed Youtube view counts in the hundreds of thousands.

Our crew members have a wealth of experience between then which we bring to every project we undertake and we foster a collaborative working relationship between us and you to create a finished video everyone is happy with and has enjoyed working on.

A video doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be professionally shot and present you in the best way possible. It really doesn’t!

Of course, the more budget you have, the more we can do but at an entry-level point, a video which features you performing, in a good location, can be shot in a day and edited in two.  Anything additional to the pre-production, production and post-production time would be extra cost – this covers things like location hire, actors and actresses, lighting, additional camera equipment and so on.

Come and talk to us…

Tell us what you want in your video or ask us to pitch an idea or two. Tell us what your budget is and we will work within it to be best possible results. We can give you a tailored quote depending on what you want, always with the most cost effective way of shooting in mind.

We’re here to bring your vision to screen and make it happen and make you look great.

Take a look at our website at where you can see our showreel and full videos from our portfolio. Get in touch with us via the contact form or directly via

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