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Beating the Recession

OK so things aren’t looking that great at the moment, you can’t get out like you used to and you’re finding you’ve more time on your hands…….well read on.

If you’re reading this you’ve got a PC and chances are that it’s more than up to the job of recording audio, so why not dust off that old guitar or keyboard you’ve got under the bed and start using it.

There’s a load of information on the web to help get you going…as a first stop you might like to check out :

Music making no longer requires expensive studios or expensive equipment. There are a load of affordable options out there to get you started. In fact if you ask around you probably already know someone who can give you a hand and maybe even collaborate with you.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece (and these come in all shapes and sizes!) you can use sites like to distribute your product to your friends and the public either free or for a small charge, that’s up to you.

Hey who knows what reaction you’ll get but one thing’s for sure, you’ve got more chance of getting a hit than winning the lottery and it’s a lot more fun. You might just come up with the track the world’s been waiting for. Get Creative!!