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The Secret Promo Tool Every Musician Should Have in Their Wallet

Here's a promotional tip that is so simple yet so effective that it's a wonder most bands don't use it.

Let me set the scene…

You've done a great gig. The crowd went wild and everyone is raving about you. It's the best feeling in the world; at least it's one of the best legal feelings... A guy in a suit comes over and tells you how much he enjoyed the show. He just happened to pop by out of curiosity and he was bowled over by your performance. He wants you to headline at his 10,000 capacity venue!

"Of course," you tell him.

"Great," he says. Can he have your number? He doesn't have his mobile on him but can you write it down?

Sure. You hunt around in your pockets for a biro—no chance obviously. You ask your fellow bandmates, but while they are equipped with everything from guitar picks to gaffer tape and flashlights, no one has a pen.

This is starting to look a little unprofessional. You tell the suit to hold on, and you go over to the bar and ask one of the staff. Five minutes later you come back and the suit is still there but his enthusiasm has understandably worn off a little. You write down your number on the back of a beer mat and slip it to him.

I'll call you, he says. And maybe he will…

The Secret…

It could have gone differently had you remembered the number one promotional tool used by top executives around the world. It's something most musicians would laugh at because it doesn't fit their preconceived notions of what an artist should be. So, use it and you stand out from most other bands in the country.

And what is this fantastic promotional device? Is it expensive? Is it some new, ultra hi-tech cross between a bluberry and an ipod?

Nope; it's a business card.

A what?

Yes, I know you probably associate business cards with accountants and salesman but there is no more professional way of introducing yourself to venue managers, record executives, pluggers and the like.

Worried about not being cool? I think it's pretty cool to be doing something that most other musicians don't — it makes you stand out and gets you remembered. Plus, if people don't have your phone number it doesn't matter if they think you're cool — they can't get in touch.

Anyway, just because it's a business card doesn't mean it has to be boring. Get creative if you want, stick your band's logo on it, for example, but make sure it has the relevant information – i.e. your name and phone number, at least! Probably a good idea to put the address of your Arkade webpage there too.

That way as you go about your day, you can hand your business card out to people. They don't have to be industry professionals. Hand them out to fans, friends – anyone! Get your band mates to do the same.

It's easy to print up a few hundred cards with your PC — so there's no excuse.

Remember, fame can only come calling when it's got your number!