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Arkade thought of the day 

“Magnetic Personality” and “Magnetic Attraction” are phrases often used to describe bands and the effect they have on their audience. Taken literally, perhaps there is something to learn from this, especially if the fundamental properties of magnets are considered.

  • The stronger the magnet the greater the force. The more effort you put into your marketing, the greater its effect will be. Obvious perhaps, but don’t rely on 3rd party marketers who know nothing about you and lump you into pre-defined campaigns. You are the magnet, your ideas will always be best as they will reflect what you really are.

  • Magnets attract as strongly as they repel. Remember your marketing effort can repel fans away from you just as easily as it can draw them to you. Pay attention to the detail, what you say and how it is presented is always important. Never release any marketing media that is not 100% in keeping with your style, taste and philosophy.

  • Magnets have two distinct poles, North and South. One can be considered as a positive force the other a negative. Always ensure your marketing messages are consistent.

  • Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. Dare to be different. The more unique you are, the more likely you are to attract fans. Certainly in the early stages your style, taste and philosophy should be unusual. Don’t try and be like your fans, get them to want to be like you and remember as soon as they connect your magnetism will pass through them to others. A dedicated fan that is attracted to you will attract other fans themselves. Ensure all your fans are empowered to repeat your message and remember the more you give them the more likely they are to attract others.

  • The force is always strongest close to the poles. If you imagine yourselves as the font of the magnetic force, the music and marketing media that conveys your message can only ever be a lesser fragment of that initial force. The force of attraction is therefore always going to be the strongest the closer you physically are to your fans. Get out there and use social media to connect personally wherever and as often as you can.

  • If a magnet is broken into pieces each fragment has its own North and South pole. If you imagine the band as a whole, the magnetic power of the band members is always going to be the strongest as a single unit. That being said, the efforts of individual members, whilst less powerful in themselves all have a part to play.

Although marketing media has changed, marketing principles have fundamentally remained unchanged. Many are daunted by the prospect of marketing themselves, but perhaps imagining yourselves as a huge horseshoe magnet and your fans as millions of iron filings might help  you to come up with some new and refreshing angles.

Greg Walsh October 2011