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Arkade currently supports the following currencies:

GBP (£): Pounds Sterling - used in UK
EUR (€): Euro - used in most of Europe
JPY (¥): Yen - used in Japan
USD ($): US Dollars - used in USA & rest of world

  1. At registration the system detects the user’s country of origin through their IP address and automatically sets the user’s appropriate preferred currency as GBP £, USD $, EUR € or YEN ¥.

    Where a user’s country of origin does not correspond to any one of the above currencies, the system will default the user’s preferred currency to USD $.
  2. Users can change their preferred currency at any time.

  3. For any transaction on Arkade, users are provided with an option to change their preferred currency either permanently, or just for the transaction in progress, during the check out procedure.

  4. All products displayed on the Artists’ Music and Merchandise Pages are priced in the user’s preferred currency.

  5. Users can set the prices for their tracks and products in their preferred currency and Arkade will set the corresponding values for the other currencies automatically.             

    Alternatively, users can set the prices in Pounds £, Dollars $, Euros € and Yen ¥, manually using the tool provided. Users can edit the prices set in each currency at any time. 

    Arkade uses the exchange rates published by Bloomberg Financial Services and will adjust for currency fluctuations on the first Weekday of each month at 11am. 

    The online User Guide explains in detail how to manage and operate your Arkade Artist Site.