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ISRC Numbers

Arkade will issue ISRC numbers for all tracks uploaded to Arkade or use your own if you already have them. (This service not available with Trial Packs.)

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording which can be permanently encoded into a product as its digital fingerprint. Encoded ISRC provide the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments.

Benefits of using ISRC numbers:

  • The ISRC system is the key to royalty collection for recordings in the digital age and is a unique and reliable international identification system.
  • ISRC provides a unique tool for the purpose of rights administration.
  • ISRC coding is readable by hardware already used in the recording industry.
  • ISRC is required for Official Charts eligibility.

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