les figurines


Les Figurines (London) are-From left to wright:

Tom (Guitar/Backing vocals).

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Track Credits

Thanks to Ben and Sharon @ criminal records,naphte
@ www.setandsetting.com,Penny metal (for the cover),Barry Mac donald (pictures),Kevin o'shea for being himself!...A great guy...and heayvy guitarist!,Kirsty Mcneil for her love and support,Amanda O'shea,Tim O'shea,www.wirelessfm.net ,Spider Redundant,T23,Nude,26 FEET...
And GIANNI for keeping us awake!!!

Track Name: Summers Trash

Composer: Music:Les Figurines. Words:Steevo.
Producer: Les Figurines,Ben Wooster,Sharon Sharabi.
Engineer: Les Figurines/Ben Wooster/Sharon Sharabi
Musicians: Steevo:Vocal/Bass. Tom:Guitar/Backing vocals. Rob:Drum.

Track Name: Ghost in the machine

Composer: les figurines
Producer: ben wooster
Engineer: ben wooster
Musicians: steevo:vocal/bass tom:guitar rob:drums
Label: set and setting records

Track Name: Buzzing Dude

Track Name: Down

Track Name: Hysterical

Track Name: Blue Design

Track Name: - Kid Kaid -

Composer: Words:Steevo Music:Les Figurines.
Producer: Daztronik/Steevo
Engineer: Daztronik
Musicians: Steevo:Vocal/Bass. Tom:Guitar/Screams. Rob:Drums.
Label: Set and Setting Records.