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.soulger. was formed in a small town in southeast Oklahoma sometime in mid 2000. The members consist of songwriter/vocalist Janet Farris, vocalist/guitarist bOoGiE aka. Terry Farris II, drummer/percussionist Joe aka. Jordan Farris, and live bassist Fowl aka. Jason Harrison. The band has recorded one demo ep and a full length debut album, entitled "Rescue Me." "Rescue Me" was the beginning of a musical evolution for .soulger. which led them from their acoustic based sound heard on this album to a much heavier, tighter, rock driven sound heard only at live gigs around the state (and few limited copies of rough demo recordings). "Rescue Me" has recieved numerous outstanding reviews including those from leading reps at Taxi, the world's largest independent A&R company, who gave "Rescue Me" 7 stars out of 10 for overall performance and production. .soulger. has performed alongside the likes of Salvador, Big Dismal (R.I.P.), Seventh Day Slumber, Emcee One, Tree 63, KJ-52, and many more.