Harry Lang - Vocals
Robin Carr - Guitar
Frazer Wigg - Keyboards
John Bulpitt - Bass Guitar
Tony Gill - Drums/percussion

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From the Poretta Soul Festival, Italy to the prestigious Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris, through all quality live music places in England, you've already seen these guys someplace... Besides touring in the their own right, Mo'Indigo have been the "first choice" band on European visits for American artists such as Chicago soul singer Lou Pride, the magnificent Charles Walker and a 'who's who" of Nashville blues and soul musicians including Earl Gaines, the late Roscoe Shelton, guitar player Johnny Jones and virtuoso singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer Fred James.
This time the spotlight is on the band and those of us who enjoy music cliché-free will delight in this collection of mainly original songs - no Sweet Home Chicago or Mustang Sally allowed - played by real musicians whose musical culture does not swamp the personality and sound.
No synths, no loops, no hard drives, no computers, no samples, sequencers or drum machines. Recorded direct to 2" tape with 'real' instruments.