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songs about life and love played in major keys to a 4/4 beat. because life is complicated enough. and love is even more so.

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AlbumEverything by Three Litre
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I Hate Christmas
Arkade Users' Rating: 8½
This is our fabulous xmas single, described on national TV as "rancid" by the late and extremely great John Peel. He was joking, of course. He had a very dry sense of humour. Ronan Keating's management like this song, Robbie Willaims' knocked it back when offered! [$1.00]
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
The preview will never allow you to really understand and enjoy this, the lead track of our 2nd single (it doesn't get to the chorus, see). Imagine Zodiac Mindwarp's awkward younger brother singing a list of Kylie's song titles and you're over halfway there. Then buy it. Thanks. [$1.00]
Arkade Users' Rating: 7
This is a brilliant song by us and it's about Chemmy Alcott who is a British skier - see her at All the best for Torino 2006, Chems! [$1.00]
Downhill - electro lounge remake by MrFogg
Arkade Users' Rating: 7
This is a super smashing great plinky plonky version of our Downhill song. Better than the original? Can turds be polished? You decide... [$1.00]
A Girl From The Industry
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
This was track 2 on our second single, "G.O.D.D.E.S.S.". This is a lot of people's favourite song of ours and it appeared on several compilation albums. It's not about anyone in particular. [$1.00]
I Can Do Anything I Want (Because You Love Me)
Arkade Users' Rating: 7
This is a song about Stephen Fry and was originally track 3 on our 2nd single "G.O.D.D.E.S.S." [$1.00]