Three Litre


songs about life and love played in major keys to a 4/4 beat. because life is complicated enough. and love is even more so.

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"I Hate Christmas" CD Single
Our fantastic debut single which was played by loads of great DJs around the world and was being held by John Peel on BBC2's "Grumpy Old Men at Christmas" when he described all xmas songs as "rancid"!! b/w "Lost In The Country" and "The Pebble Song". Price includes UK P & P.
"G.O.D.D.E.S.S." CD Single
Our risible second single. c/w "A Girl From The Industry" and "I Can Do Anything I Want (Because You Love Me)". It's really a triple A-sided single, such is the strength of the song-writing on display here. Price includes UK P & P.
BundleSpecial Offer - Buy both singles and save money
Get both "I Hate Christmas" and "G.O.D.D.E.S.S." CD singles for just £5, including UK postage. Just add European Postage ONCE to cover airmail cost for both singles!
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Please add this to your shopping basket if ordering outside the UK as it covers the additional Air Mail costs. Danke.