Something for the Weekend


Something for the Week-end were:

Hugh Spalding - vocals
Martin Dyster - guitar
Mick Collopy - piano/ Hammond organ
Paul Mumford - tenor sax
Neil Sadler - bass
Trish Nawacki - vocals

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Cooking up a storm (Reading FC)
Arkade Users' Rating: 7½
We're Reading, we're Reading, we're the best We've got blue and white hoops on our chest We're Reading, we're Reading, remember the name - We never stop singing, it's a beautiful game [$2.05]
Kingsleys Mix
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A record of the Championship-winning season. It has live commentary from 107FM, with the 99 goals, the 106 points, the Murty goal and ... the first ever Premiership goal - all captured to a glorious family-friendly pop sound. Heard at Reserve games in the stadium ....!! [$1.35]
If If If
A cheesy pop song? You decide. It has a saxophone riff with more hooks than a fisherman's box. [$1.35]