Something for the Weekend


Something for the Week-end were:

Hugh Spalding - vocals
Martin Dyster - guitar
Mick Collopy - piano/ Hammond organ
Paul Mumford - tenor sax
Neil Sadler - bass
Trish Nawacki - vocals

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Track Credits

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Track Name: Kingsleys Mix

Composer: Hugh Spalding - music Hugh Spalding, Mark Allen, Vicky Allen, Greg Tomlin - words
Producer: Neil Sadler
Engineer: Neil Sadler
Musicians: Martin Dyster, Paul Mumford, Neil Sadler, Trish Nawacki, Mick Collopy
Publisher: Hugh Spalding/ MCPS
Label: urz! records (catalogue urz001)

Track Name: If If If

Composer: Hugh Spalding

Track Name: Cooking up a storm (Reading FC)

Producer: Neil Sadler
Label: urz! records