"Back to the Sky"

World class" (www.BristolRocks.co.uk) "Warm melodies and emotive songwriting.......classic pop songs" (www.Subba-Cultcha.com ) . "Folk-tinged pop songs spiked with warmth

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Welcome to Jacanda's download facility.

As an alternative to purchasing the CD of the debut Jacanda album, back to the sky, you can download any of the tracks or the whole album from this site.

The music is loosely acoustic folk-pop, similar to Crowded House, Turin Brakes, perhaps some Del Amitri with a little hint of Peter Gabriel creeping in, driven by djembe, bongos and other things you bash and topped off with a generous helping of delicious saxophone (described by one professional as "the best I've heard in years"). Recorded, mixed and mastered professionally from July - September 2006 in Bristol, we're very proud of it. It's got 10 songs performed by the band, with additional sprinkles of bass guitar, mandolin and cello from some special guests. The album is loosely themed around changes in life and love, moving on to new pastures, changing direction and taking off into the wide blue yonder.

We hope you like it.

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