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Every Night At Twilight Comes The Blues
Smiling Jack Smith is a Spain based American blues artist. This wonderful tracks comes from his self-released album "Three Seconds To Love Me" (2002). [$0.95]
Something Eating Me - Bill Lyerly Band
From Bill Lyerly Band's "Railroad Station Blues" (1998) album. An everlasting hit! (The same could be said of the most of Bill's works!) [$0.95]
Hit The Wall - The Others
The title track from The Others' 2004 album. Australia's oldest rock band (formed in 1963), The Others have developed their original sound long before ZZ Top, to whom they are now compared... [$0.95]
A Song For You - Tony O'Malley
A demo version of the song from Tony O'Malley's upcoming album "The Mansarde Sessions". Recorded in Tbilisi, Georgia. Featuring Paata Andreadze - "probably one of the best piano players I've ever heard!" (Tony O'Malley). [$0.95]