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Born from a love of The Kinks, the Stones, The Who and The Jam, this British 4-piece wear their influences on their sleeves; Mod, Motown, Northern Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Punk attitude. The Heys have everything that a great guitar-pop band should have, three minutes of fuzzy major chords, full, rich bass, shouty, ominpresent backing vocals and an impossibly addictive chorus.

Tom, the singer songwriter in The Heys feeds off the tradition and passion of British 60’s beat music and combines it with incisive comment on modern life. Their debut album Young, Bored & Broke screams the frustrations and the simple joys of living day-to-day, hand to mouth. Bad jobs-good friends. A working-class band through and through.

The self-produced album was recorded underground in their basement studio in the UK. “This way it’s all about the music” says Tom. “We wanted an honest direct sound and we wanted to be in control so we did it ourselves”.