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Track Credits

Track Name: Something Eating Me - Bill Lyerly Band

Composer: Bill Lyerly
Producer: Bill Lyerly & Benny Dellinger
Engineer: Benny Dellinger
Musicians: Bill Lyerly - lead vocals, guitars, B-3, keyboards; Jordon Koronet - bass, vocals; Dexter Horton - drums, percussions.
Publisher: Bill Lyerly
Label: Bill Lyerly

Track Name: Hit The Wall - The Others

Composer: Ian Nancarrow
Producer: The Others
Engineer: Dave Lokan
Musicians: Ian Nancarrow - guitar; Jeff Gurr - bass; Stevan Korovljev - guitar, Dave Skull - vocals; Joff Bateman - drums.
Publisher: Ian Nancarrow
Label: Ian Nancarrow

Track Name: Every Night At Twilight Comes The Blues

Composer: Jack Smith
Producer: J. Smith and F. Barral
Musicians: Jack Smith - guitars, vocals; Mus - bass guitar; Jesus Redondo - keyboards; Quique Villafane - drums.
Publisher: Jack Smith
Label: Jack Smith

Track Name: A Song For You - Tony O'Malley

Composer: Tony O'Malley
Musicians: Tony O'Malley - vocals, piano; Paata Andreadze - piano.