Lost Ark


ALBUM #1:- "Territorial" (2003)
ALBUM #2:- "World Beneath the Decks" (due late 2007)

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News - Updated 31/5/2007

Update 31/05/07

Welcome aboard the newly refurbished Lost Ark. We have plenty of room and hope you enjoy your trip. The "Miserable Bastard" has finally come to the opening ceremony and is waiting for you to listen. Be warned, he's in a fiercely negative mood. Mind how you play now!

The door is open, and there will be lots to see and lots to hear. Strange sounds abound aboard. Coming soon are the vivacious visuals of Louise Adams, as we clear our clutter and set sail into the unknown. Coming soon is the reopening of the Ark archives. Coming soon, the new sound spaces.
Gone are the days of ruin, grounded in the Territorial age. For this ship is sailing out of port.
All aboard now. All are welcome. All expected and catered for.

NEXT DESTINATION:- Revisiting "Cooke Q's Crazy Time Machine"