This is THE SCARGOD. I am 27 years old and I started this project some months ago. So this is why we just have 2 songs until now. We are doing a 3 rd one in the end of october. This is my own project

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Hi this is Scargod. This is my own project. I am 27 years old and I played bass in different bands with different styles. But nothing really satisfy me, it was always like a big soap opera. This was not my way of doing music. So in the beginning of this year SCARGOD was found. I had some songs already before, but I started really at the beginning of this year to arrange them new and make one or two riffs new. In April I called my friends of the Band THIRDMOON, an austrian underground band with big success in austria and Germany and they helped me in the studio. Also a friend of mine here in Zell am See did the clean vocals. And what you here is the end product of my thoughts and their help.