Snowball Johnny


Johnny is basically a pub- and streetmusician, plays live a lot and with fun. All his music is recorded live anyway! You can find SJ all summer around the Mediteranean sea, playing his music in the st

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Snowball Johnny - At ten SJ started studying classical guitar, untill he had 3 grades when 18. He stopped playing "dead peoples music" and started writing songs,jamming with his friend Bruno on old black blues themes, one would play rythm and the other solo. Listening to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, The Gratefull Dead, Jimi Hendrix' Experience, Lightning Hopkins is how he got into the blues! A few years later he got the blues, cold turkey-ing heroïn, playing in the streets and breaking his heart on several occasions. SJ played loads of bands playing solo, rythm, bassguitar, bluesharps and vocals, he also plays drums, violin, cello, double bass and piano, but in the end feels real happy with a guitar a bluesharp and his voice... Just like when he started. Since 1998 things got interesting with the coming of, and Johnny joined, publishing over 150 songs, up to 65.000 downloads a year. When got sold and all artist uploads destroyed without notice, Johnny was very disappoin