Highly Flammable


Supporting, advising and training college and school students is always something Simon enjoys - Here was a arts and Exib held at Shropshires most well known large college. 'Highly Flammable'

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Highly Flammable At Photoshoot. Having operated a record label in the past - Simon Campbell understands the complex structure and hard work that goes into producing, performing and recording as an amateur and professional.

Supporting the local community 'Simon Campbell' is very well known for his music in the leading County Shropshire Colleges and has been made the project of numerous artists. This was taken at TCAT Arts & Exib college June 2006

In my american gear!

Up Above! - Pepsi Shoot!

I have the best graphics designer - project for TCAT College

A rapper that loves his suits.

Usually i smile more!

"diddy" pose