Highly Flammable


Supporting, advising and training college and school students is always something Simon enjoys - Here was a arts and Exib held at Shropshires most well known large college. 'Highly Flammable'

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'Highly Flammable' - County radio station Radio Shropshire have dubbed him 'Diddy' for producing and recording skills.

Having a fanbase that catagorize his voice as a cross between 'snoop dogg' 'Pharrell' and 'busta rhymes' it has produced a hybrid style music that is enjoyed by many and appreciated by most.

'Highly Flammable' has had the enjoyable experience of managing his own limited career/ role as a producer, singer and rapper, has had recognition from Richard Branson, Ms Dynamite, Pepsi-max.

Assisting another reggae band soon to be injected into the musical industry called 'The Footsoldiers' it becomes apparent that he is proud to assist most genres in management, promotion, contract advisement and in any other possible way.

Having produced for 9 years and he has been anknowledged for his skills by Pepsi-max and american record label Precise Records.

Available but presently producing for 2-3 bands and singers.