Highly Flammable


Supporting, advising and training college and school students is always something Simon enjoys - Here was a arts and Exib held at Shropshires most well known large college. 'Highly Flammable'

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Pepsi - Max - for personal attention - "lovin my music" and visiting with camera crews to learn more about my music and what i stand for.

Ms Dynamite for giving me the opportunity of working with her in late 2005.

Unsigned Music guide - for advice and help - ive learned a lot from you and this has kept me safe and given me along with others exceptional knowledge to advice and manage other bands.

My 1500 fans who support an add me to the many musicians they fully support and requesting tours.

Track Name: Ghetto Groove

Track Name: Back InDa School-Yard

Track Name: My Tears My Fears