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Pop City no 12
A bluesy rap about life in The Hague (The Netherlands) which is also referred to as "Pop City #12" [$1.25]
Today is the very first day
Imagine : you're a spirit floating through the different dimensions of the cosmos, time nor flesh is obstructing your movements, suddenly an angel descends upon you, and prepares you for another life on earth as a humanbeing. The angel might sing a song which might sound a bit like this one. [$1.25]
The Boogie up your nose
A song of little associations of soap operas, life in Africa, reggea and lots more crazy little bits which could keep you bussy for a while. [$1.25]
Black lady with blue eyes
A song about a guy with a broken heart who's being advised by a friend to give his ex a phone call. [$1.25]
Spare some change for a brother
As a black person I encountered once a junkie 'brother' who insisted I had to spare him some change , cause after all we're 'brothers'. The man never considered the fact I might be broke too. [$0.95]
After having played with a Ghanian folklore group, a Ghana traditional had to be recorded. The language the song is sung in is Tchwi, one of Ghana's dialects. [$1.25]
A song about a little lady and modern biblical morals. [$1.25]
The Hitcher
Imagine : A sole driver on a cold and rainy night, picking up a hitcher, not knowing his passenger is actually a ghost, trapped between earthly and cosmic dimensions. The driver will soon know the truth, for he lent his passenger his coat for a few days. [$1.25]
Peace of Shit
This song was written shortly after a chain of suicide bombers attacks in Tel Aviv Israel, it an a-political song, it just describes the feeling of helplessness any person might feel when his/her country is under any form of attack, while our politicians promise us peace. [$1.25]