Cooshi welcomes you to feel : "Groove, Phat Afro Funky Groove ... "

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Cooshi :
A Band of milk and honey.

Cooshi is the Hebrew word for 'negro/blackperson/coloured', and it stems from ancient biblical times, for example in the first verse of the book of Esther, the king Persia is descirbed to have ruled a vast kingdom, from India to Coosh (Ethiopia). In those days, parts of the African continent where referred to as Coosh.

Cooshi is a three piece band from the Netherlands led by Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter of the group Vince.

One might describe Cooshi's repetoire as a "cross over", yet it`s merely a subtle mix of Funk,Blues and African Highlife.

Cooshi's latest Album named "The Hetaira" is now globally availible for you.