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News - Updated 8/2/2007

"Lights out - spotlight on" The beams from 1,300 spotlights flooded the Audi exhibition stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 12 September. Trade journalists attending and viewers watching the internet broadcast were able to witness live as the curtain went up and the latest Audi model rolled onto the stage. A world debut accompanied by the singing of a petite woman with a big voice: Carla Vallet performing "Streets of Tomorrow", the signature tune of the Audi Q7. The eyes of all those present, as well as all the bright lights, were focused on her as she sang in her enigmatic, powerful voice. Streets that will be taking the Q7 and Carla Vallet to far-flung corners of the earth.

Carla Vallet has rocketed to world fame as the ‘voice’ of the new Audi Q7. Ark Records, part of The Ark Group was instrumental in ensuring Carla’s unique and distinctive vocal talent was selected by Audi for one of their most important car launches.

Audi’s campaign for the Q7 features Carla Vallet performing "Streets of Tomorrow" to audiences around the world. All this travelling should not prove too much of a problem for Carla Vallet. Accustomed to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, she has previously lived in Spain, France, the USA and Japan, and speaks the languages of all these countries fluently.

As well as the touring involved with the Audi promotions, Carla's collaboration with Transuluzent "Blame" was chosen as the title track for the recent blockbuster movie "Stormbreaker." This was a huge film starring Ewan McGregor, Robbie Coltrane, Stephen Fry, Bill Nighy, Alex Pettyfer, Mickey Rourke and Alicia Silverstone among others.