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Carla Vallet started singing in public at the age of 9 in her native city, Madrid. Donna Hightowers Gospel Group was performing at the "Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid" and Carla was invited to sing during her tour with her mother Elizabeth accompanying her at the piano. She also participated at the Dr. Martin Luther King celebrations every year, often a family affair, with her French Jazz pianist father Jean-Luc Vallet playing Scott Joplin, her sister Sonya Vallet singing, and her mother Elizabeth Young-Vallet organizing, playing, and singing! These have been fundamental moments for Carlas growth. It helped her bridge into her mothers native land (U.S.) and history.

She is now the voice and face of the current Audi Q7 launch, as well as gaining widespread attention as the voice of the blockbuster movie "Stormbreaker" with the title track "Blame."