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A native of El Paso, Texas, Martii showed astonishing promise from an early age. At five she was singing and dancing. At seven she was performing in local talent competitions, and becoming the youngest person ever to perform at “Viva El Paso.”

To develop her career, the family moved to Boston, Mass, where Martii started performing wherever she could. She made her first recording at ten years old. She followed this with concerts, telethons, colleges, fundraisers and has opened for major recording artists such as The Doobie Brothers, Tavares, K-7, Giggles, and Cynthia.

Martii has continued to develop her skills as a singer, songwriter, producer, fashion designer, hair and makeup artist. She has a unique vocal quality. With her brother - writer, producer, and rapper D’Nero – she founded Tha B.A.N.K Productionz, a 24-track digital recording studio where she develops her writing, producing, and recording skills. She has also launched ‘Double I’ - her own signature range of clothi