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Peace honoring, dream-painted original music sung with beauty, compassion, Acoustic Folk Guitar, Native American Flute and Drum. Visit www.bunnysingswolf.com for sounds, lyrics, stories, photos & to

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News - Updated 10/7/2005

Announcing the release of “Prophecy Keeper”, a new and very timely 28 minutes of soulful music on Compact Disc with haunting canyon echoing Native flute, heartbeat drum, chimes and acoustic guitar harmonies, storm winds and thunder sounds to compliment the meaningful words so heart-fully sent from the strength of a feminine voice you won't soon forget! (sounds like Joni).

Released September 14, 2005 from the Wyoming side of the Black Hills the CD is inspired by a song of the same title, co-written with Nashville Awarded Songwriter Karen Lake. Production of the CD was supported in part by a grant by the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

With many implications for our times, the onerous message in the lyrics resound
"Let the truth be known for all mankind again!”

This is the fourth solo album in the past four years released by performing Artist, Singer-Songwriter Bunny Sings Wolf, and already rumors are circulating that this could be a strong contender in next years’ NAMMY nominations.

Bunny’s expressive Native American flute playing rivals her confident and soothing voice, always peaceful, and her Black Hills’ inspired music is organic and earth-friendly. All vocals, Native Flute, Acoustic guitar, native heartbeat drum and Harmonies are done by Bunny Sings Wolf in a genre all her own, recently dubbed by a Rapid City reviewer as “Lakota-inflective Folk music.“

Originally planned as a single release recording done at Fiddlestring Productions, Hermosa, SD, the recording session went so smoothly that Bunny did a live mini-concert of a few of her many new songs she has earmarked for an upcoming 2 CD project (her long awaited Kate Wolf tribute album) that is still on hold until investment capital is obtained.