Bunny Sings Wolf


Peace honoring, dream-painted original music sung with beauty, compassion, Acoustic Folk Guitar, Native American Flute and Drum. Visit www.bunnysingswolf.com for sounds, lyrics, stories, photos & to

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Prophecy Keeper
CD cover art with lightening and the sunlight from the sounds of the flute. Life gifts all humans the opportunity to be-come caretakers of the earth and a Prophecy Keeper.

Buffalo Tales CD. Native American tribes revered the Buffalo which represented peace and abundance now, and for future generations throughout the world's four directions.

Sacred Ground CD- No place on earth may be fully protected and kept sacred until each individual appreciates the sacred balance within their own life and life-walk.

White Haired Sunrise CD. The wisdom of age, from a life lived well, in true freedom, in harmony, balance, respect and honor for all life expressions, now lights the way to a new day dawning to bless all our relations, represented by Wolf with human eyes. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota-we are all related)