Bunny Sings Wolf


Peace honoring, dream-painted original music sung with beauty, compassion, Acoustic Folk Guitar, Native American Flute and Drum. Visit www.bunnysingswolf.com for sounds, lyrics, stories, photos & to

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Meaningful words
so heart-fully sent from the strength of a feminine voice
you won't soon forget,
with haunting canyon echoing Native flute, heartbeat drum, chimes and
acoustic guitar harmonies,
storm winds and thunder,
these are thoughts and sounds to compliment and celebrate personal transformations,
the joy of life,
and nurture our global family.

"Her Lakota-inflective acoustic human music embodies the unique character of the Sacred Black Hills which have inspired all of her original compositions."
The Sundance Times

"…melodies lilt and soar. Her lyrics joyfully, sometimes poignantly, but always vividly, call to mind the Black Hills she loves."
Panache Magazine

"Sunrise' folk captures earthy spirit with style... of the Earth Mother...and sets it free to roam the Black Hills again"
Rapid City Journal

The power of song, like visible breath, speaks
WE are the caretakers of the Earth,
and we ARE our brothers' keeper !