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Politan formed in early 2005 with Ali, Tom, Rich and Dave. Then Dave left the band and Ali asked friend Jonty to sing, and that has been the lineup since. These four young individuals rock out for 3 hours a week at the legendary Sour Apple Studios with an aim to make exciting, energetic music and are now well rehearsed and have some good quality material. The band have just finished a hectic summer of shows around Berkshire, Oxfordshire, London and Hampshire and are taking a break while Jonty is travelling, but will be back in the new year with new material and a renewed energy and hunger to play

As talented individuals in previous bands the members have shared the stage with such high profile acts as Funeral for a Friend, Reuben, Dive Dive, Days of Grace and Hedroom, which sets our standards. We will always try to play with energy and to the best of our ability and hope the masses will warm to Politan's finest.

The band are constantly looking for gigs so if you know of any free